Monday - April 22, 2024
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WordPress Core Updates

Automatically keeps your site at the latest stable version of WordPress, in order to ensure site security, while getting all the latest cutting edge features.

WordPress Theme Updates

WordPress themes often release new versions for security reasons, compatibility with other software, and to provide powerful new features. Your themes will be checked daily for new versions, and automatically upgraded to the latest version.

WordPress Plugin Updates

All WordPress plugins installed on your site will be checked daily for new versions and updated automatically to keep you secure, compatible and at the cutting edge of functionality.

WordPress Database Optimization

The WordPress database quickly gets cluttered, especially with high traffic and an abundance of plugins. Optimizing this daily keeps your site running fast and stable.

SPAM Comment Removal

SPAM comments clutter your site, slow performance and can grow by hundreds or even thousands each day. Automatic removal save you time while speeding up your performance.

WordPress Training Videos

Watch video training modules as often as you want within your private membership area.

Support Desk Access

Access to our client support ticket system for advice, help or support.

WordPress Newsletter & Alerts

As a member, you get our timely and informative email newsletter, alerts and suggestions.

Malware Security Scans

Industry leading security scans from warns you if your site becomes compromised.

Offsite Website Backups

Gain peace of mind knowing that regular backups are automatically stored offsite for safe-keeping, so content can always be restored.

Uptime Monitoring

Get instant email or text messaging alerts whenever your website is down.

Performance Scans

Measure the speed and performance of your site to evaluate your server performance and plugin efficiency.

Site Migration

Assist you in migrating your site between web servers.

SEO Analysis

Report of your site’s overall search engine optimization.

Keyword Ranking Reports

Receive keyword ranking reports for how your website appears on Google for your specific keywords.

Development Labor

Get professional WordPress consulting as needed to resolve most issues.